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  • Point of View Who is the narrator?
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    Jakia W

    Point of view in stories is the way how the story is told. The story can be told from the character’s perspective (1st person) or the narrator perspective (3rd person). Stories I have read that are told by a character within the story are: The Great Gatsby – Nick POV ,To Kill a Mockingbird – Scout POV, The Lighting Thief – Percy POV, and the Red Queen series – Mare POV. A movie I’ve seen where a character POV is used is The Lorax – Once-ler POV. POV is done in a film by having the camera mainly on the main person. The camera show what the character is looking at, have the character express how they feel, focus on the character facial expressions, and etc. A short story I remember reading in previous English classes is “The Lady or the Tiger?”.



    1) Point of views in stories are very interesting. They help readers picture the readings in specific ways. Some books are written with first person views and third person views allowing the readers to understand how each character feels versus the overall view among all the characters.

    2-3) Yes there are stories, novels, and other texts that I have read that are told by a character within the story. One novel I have read told in the characters point of view is “The Sun Also Rises” by Ernest Hemingway. In the novel it is told in the point of view of the character Jake. The reason it was written in first person was to show how the Character felt about all his friends and personal life experiences. Another novel I read was the “Lord of The Flies” by William Golding which was written in third person to show the reader the struggles the kids had to go through from a point of view that wasn’t biased.

    4) A movie where a characters point of view is used is “Deadpool.”

    5) The point of view is done in films by showing all the problems the character has to face and the use of camera angles as well as settings. Movies in first person point of view tend to have camera angles where it shows the characters emotions vividly.

    6) Movies that demonstrated point of view is “8th Grade.”

    7) A short story I remember reading in an English class was “Lamb to the Slaughter.”

    ( I wasn’t sure how to italicize words on openlab so I put them in quotes for now).


    Eduard Khanukayev

    1. Point of view in a story is when a character, main or not, tells the story through their eyes. One general way that you can identify point of view, or first person, is when the writer mentions words like “I” or “Me”.

    2/3. Yes and that story is a very popular one, The Great Gatsby. This story takes place, in I believe, 1922 and is told by Nick C. through his eyes, even though he is not the main character Jay Gatsby, and how he tries to date Nicks cousin Daisy.

    4 I can think of some movies where it is expressed with a characters point of view, however because it is not a very popular genre of movies, I can not name a lot.

    5. A point of view film is done, by what I think is a simple process. You would put a camera on a persons head, and there you go point of view movies, however thats not the only way. One being, yes just put a camera on someones head and there you go, but others insinuate a point of view. Imagine a movie starts with someone telling a story which turns out to be the main plot. That story would be told in his point of view, and thus the movie be a first person story.

    6. One movie that comes to my mind when thinking about point of view, and other first person adventures is Hardcore Henry. This is a R rated action movie about a mute character named Henry, and the perspective and whole viewing of the film occurs through his eyes. Everything in the movie, wether it be fighting, shooting or anything else takes place between, is through his perspective.

    7. I definitely have read short stories in my previous english classes, however for some strange reason. None of them come to my head.


    Saba Chaudhry

    1. Point of View can be defined as, the person who is telling the story. Whether it be a movie or book. certain times books and movies use narrators. the story is being told by somebody.

    2/3. Yes I can think of some books. One book i can think of is Paper Towns by John Green, thi story the main protagonist, “Quentin” tells his own story. That Summer by Sarah Dessen, is told in first person, by the main character Haven.

    4. I cannot think of many movies that do use a character’s POV, but i can think of few, they are mostly the ones that were adapted from a book.

    5. POV is usually done by a narrator’s voice, or only allow the audience to know, see, or feel, the feelings and thoughts of one character. Other than that, if the narrator is omniscient, then the POV would be shown in that way.

    6. The Fault in Our Stars focuses on life through the eyes of “Hazel Green” one of the main characters. The Harry Potter series is filmed in an omniscient way, where we view everything as spectators. It just focuses on Harry Potter.

    7. Which short stories do you remember having read in previous English classes?
    I remember focusing on quite a few Edgar Allan-Poe short stories such as The Tell-Tale Heart , The Cask of Amontillado , and I also remember reading The Lottery


    Jaden W

    1 Point of view in stories refers to who is narrating it. There’s 3 different views; first person, second person and third person.

    2/3 One of the very first big novels I read was The Hunger Games, which was narrated by the main character Katniss Everdeen. Another novel that’s told by a character is The Lightning Thief, which is told by Percy Jackson the main protagonist.

    4/5/6 It’s actually not that easy to think of a movie where character POV is used. The Matrix is a movie I’ve seen where the character’s POV is used. To show character POV we can hear the main character’s thoughts when he isn’t speaking to others. On top of that, you never see or rarely see a scene which doesn’t include the main character.

    7 I remember some short stories like, “Federigo’s Falcon”, and the “Oedipus” series. I’m not completely sure if the Oedipus stories count as short stories but those are the ones I easily remember off the top of my head.


    Prof. Masiello

    The Catcher in the Rye is certainly one of the most perfect examples of POV. Salinger was a grown man when he told the story of a 16-year-old in the boy’s voice and never does he slip and sound like an adult. It is a classic.

    Movies can show POV not just visually. Let’s see if anyone else points out how, with examples.


    Prof. Masiello

    Well, POV is certainly a fixture of horror movies and so often we see the POV of the killer!

    As for comic books showing characters speaking, that seems a bit different — even movies and TV shows show character’s speaking. Only if a character is drawn looking directly at the reader would it be POV, even if the character is supposed to be talking to another character. It has to do with eye-contact.


    Prof. Masiello

    These are interesting replies.

    The Second Person POV is rare and typically only happens briefly in a story.

    As for horror movies POV, the Japanese do not have a monopoly on that device. Many horror movies use it.


    Prof. Masiello


    Please try to answer with more details and examples.

    Yes or no answers do not provide enough room for you to show what you need. If my questions make students think in terms of yes or no, that is just to get people thinking. Inevitably, the next question would be to provide details.

    If you would like to elaborate, I am sure we would like to know more.



    Prof. Masiello

    Well, in that Zac Efron movie did you sometimes see only what he could see, or was he in the same frames as others? There are so many POV films from Jaws to Forrest Gump.

    It has to do with where the camera is placed and if there is voice-over narration. As some classmates have pointed out, horror movies often show us what the killer is seeing — the frightened victim or a walk up some stairs.


    Prof. Masiello


    Your answers are good.

    Please attempt to consistently use italics where needed, in film and book titles.

    I am curious about why you do not watch movies or TV shows, yet you knew about Hardcore Harry. Are you a gamer?

    As for Nick in The Great Gatsby, by having him tell the story, F. Scott Fitzgerald put limits on how we could know things since Nick is just a guy and is not omnipresent or omniscient, as a typical all-knowing narrator would be.


    Prof. Masiello


    Your answers are good ones.

    I recommend that all students download Grammarly since it will help you see and fix small errors in capitalization, and so forth.

    (Please use quote marks for short readings and italics for whole books.)



    Prof. Masiello


    Plays, like Death of a Salesman, use dialogue only so POV is not relevant.

    As for Jaws, though we sometimes saw the POV of the sheriff, we also saw the POV of the shark, who sees dangling legs and knows it is lunchtime.


    Prof. Masiello


    Please use quote marks and italics when needed.

    POV in movies and TV shows is a bit tricky. Unless you hear a voice-over narration, if you see the main character in the same scene as others, it may not mean POV. The shows’ stars are important but it is about them, usually not through them.

    The concept of an unreliable narrator is only really important if the narrator is mentally deficient or a liar. Where do we draw the line?



    Prof. Masiello


    You are right about the use of pronouns (I, you, he, she) in narration.


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