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  • Discussion questions on 3 of the 6 readings
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    Saba Chaudhry

    1) “Why I Want a Wife”

    a) Syfers argues that women and men in marriage are not equal. She states that women are the bottom in a relationship and wanting a wife will mean equality in a relationship instead of conformity to a man. This ties into her all around theory that a woman’s role in a marriage is inferior to that of a man’s.

    b) This is a successful satire because she constructs her criticism well that there are gender inequalities presented in relationships. The book goes in-depth about how peopled in society see other’s roles specifically men and women. it sets a scene of men work and women are the house keepers.
    c) The use of my when she states “my children” is showing the roles and responsibility of her life. She’s at home taking care of the kids, she birthed them. It just reflects the time period her words come from. At the end of the day, they technically were her kids.

    2) “The Story of an Hour”:

    a) The author refrains from naming the lady because it shows she is married. It kind of deems her worth. All she is and known for is who she is married to.

    b) they are probably in their early 20’s the story mentions her face to be young and no sign of a child.

    c) I don’t think it was disturbing, personally knowing my culture and what women can go through even mentally through marriage, it seems she just got her life back. It is sad that he had to die for her to be free. If he had understood her she wouldn’t; feel happy at his death.

    d) She is free of her marital and societal duties as a woman. She does not have to cater to another’s feelings. I would love to get married one day. I believe if you are marrying the right person you will never feel as if you’re losing your freedom. If you do feel that way you aren’t ready to get married and that is perfectly fine as long as you are honest with your partner.

    e) She died because she had a literal heart attack seeing her husband.

    f) I think the author is not only criticizing men. I think in actuality she is criticizing mindsets. It takes two to tango. Meaning for a marriage to work two people must be on the same page. She is criticizing how times were and the harsh truths of a marriage at the time.

    3) A short story by Bobbie Ann Mason called “Shiloh”:

    a)The main characters are Leroy Moffitt and Norma Jean Moffitt. The two don’t know each other and don’t seem to like each other even though they are in a relationship together; married.

    b)He smokes weed and drives around which aren’t stereotypical of a man.

    c) . Norma is way more productive. Shed works out she is in night school, she is also taking care of their house. She often urges Leroy to seek job opportunities.

    d) Norma’s mom told them to go to Shiloh. It is where she went for their honeymoon. It can appear as Leroy’s dream of building a life with Norma.
    e) I like Non-fiction, I also like fiction. There is no comparison for me. I enjoy both. Historical movies are some of my favorites, as are imaginary ones such as Harry Potter.

    f) the details let us picture the dust cover like the sky. It helps us see the color of blue for both.

    g) The story of the two is like of the ones in the story, a couple who were together and drifted away

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