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Finding and displaying quotes as “attention grabbers,” not as internal quotes

We need to further work on ways to add more style to your writing. Next week we will look at […]

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How to punctuate and present quotes correctly

Here is the proper method for internal quotes—the kind required inside a research paper. REMEMBER: All researched quotes must have […]

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for the second essay

Hello students, We are going to do your second graded essay. I will post two prompts (assignment sheets) as separate […]

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choice A for the second essay

Horror Movie Assignment Rosemary’s Baby (1968) Terrifying and darkly comic, Rosemary’s Baby marked the Hollywood debut of Roman Polanski. This […]

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choice B for the second essay

Horror Movie Assignment Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is less an adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling horror novel than a complete […]

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four documents to help you with your research paper

We need to practice how to do a proper research paper.  Yours is due near the end of the semester […]

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Gender equality in media…

Equality Between Men and Women? We often hear about such topics as domestic violence and “toxic masculinity” and the prevailing […]

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second set of readings theme: men and women

Second Class Readings Theme: Men and Women Press Ctrl + click or cut and paste into your browser to open […]

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Discussion quesions on 3 of the 6 gender readings

Discussion of Class Readings Theme: Men and Women Please post brief answers to as many of these questions as possible. […]

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activity to complete asap

Activity to practice writing a Works Cited On a separate sheet of paper, convert the information in each of the […]

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