ENG 1101.0261, English Composition I, Fall 2020

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    I was hoping that the covid situation would have cleared up by now because this online learning can feel confusing and annoying. But with time maybe i’ll get used to this kinda of learning.


    Mohamed Zindani

    I am right there with you! It sucks to get robbed of the college experience but hopefully, this doesn’t last very long.


    Lisa Cole

    Hi Omari,

    Your response is in the wrong place. You are supposed to go to the main website page and post under “Discussions” there not “Discussion” (notice it is singular) here.

    Nevertheless, this is a fair response. You did not meet all of the criteria for the assignment (where’s the picture and comment along with the one word describing how you feel?). Make sure you submit complete assignments in the future. Thank you.

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