EDU3640 – WH72 — Project 4

My name is Ronaldo Carhuaricra and I am pursuing a Bachelor of Technology in Construction Engineering Technology and an Initial Certificate in Technology Education.  My passion for education has always been with me and my desire to help others succeed as well.  I am also interested in the construction field and this is why my bachelors was into Construction Engineering.  While taking classes in this field, I realized I also wanted to give back to my community and going into the education field is the best way but I also want to acquire technical skills so I can teach students new skills and be prepared for the workforce when they graduate. In addition, I participated in different internships in the education field such as after-school programs, college assistant and tutor where I realized that being able to be in a classroom setting and serving different children from different backgrounds was my passion and I want to be able to be part of their growth and give back to the community through being a future educator and teaching technical skills to students to be better prepared for the workforce


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