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    “You are already an author” is written in Mike Bunn’s article. When he writes, “how to read like an author,” he talks about us as writers. Today, writing is used in our everyday lives such as our personal entertainment, communication with others through social media, and so much more. At the end of each day, I like to write down a few sentences in my mini notebook about how my day went, like writing the accomplishments I had achieved by the end of the day and write how I felt about how my day went. Sometimes I write down my thoughts, and it helps me realize how great the small things that happened throughout the day that I wouldn’t even have thought about if I hadn’t written them down. I’ve always enjoyed writing since it’s the best way to express my thoughts fluidly and it allows my imagination to roam free and create. Writing lets me express my emotions in words. Sometimes I can write for hours and express myself and think, and other times I can’t even write a comment. Nowadays, everyone around the world uses texting for communicating with others as a form of writing, but in the past, when texting didn’t exist yet, people would write letters. Today, I’m a freshman in college, where we receive assignments that allow me to write more and grow and improve my reading and writing skills. Furthermore, I feel confident when the words come naturally to me, but sometimes the words feel forced and I don’t feel as confident. One of the things Mike Bunn mentioned is starting off your writing with a quote. I think this is important because it can sometimes grab the reader’s attention and make the readers think, so then they can ask themselves questions. From the article, I was taught a few things, which are going to help me think like a writer while I read and allow me to become a better writer.

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