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    When Mike Bunn states “You are already an author” he means that you already have an advantage of reading like a writer. He wants people to read like a writer as in (examples given by him) the way a carpenter looks at the inside of a house. Mike Bunn also means that anyone who writes is already an author. Authors all over the world have a unique way of writing and use many different techniques when it comes to writing. Writing as if the author is speaking to the writer is an achievement trying to accomplish in every writing piece, is an objective. In my college essay and assignments, trying the techniques already prior to using them in real life will be a challenge. Writing and talking are very different but similar in a way. Reading as if one is writing will help me see how I can build my sentences like an architect building a skyscraper. In order to accomplish this, one must pay attention to every detail (even the smallest ones).

    One thing that really stood out above all else were two of the best things that I’ve ever come across. One of those things was adding humor. When coming across a joke, bursts of laughter tend to come out and just thinking to myself (smart technique). Adding humor into a story is a very good strategy. Another thing that caught my attention is that Mike wrote like he was actually talking. He wrote and it made me want to think more of what he was trying to explain in his article.

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