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    Jayden Baird

    1. when I was around the age of seven years old which was when I was in elementary school, my last name has always been pronounced wrong. My full name is Jayden Baird, but my last name was tricky for people. They would call me Beard instead of Baird. One day my teacher called my name and said Beard, I told her it was pronounced “Baird” but she laughed and said same thing. This made me feel like my name wasn’t unique when I was younger, so I can relate to Mohamed Hassan’s similar situation. As I grew older I appreciated my name more and more.

    2. I can also relate to Hanif when he says he wishes for invisibility again. When I was younger I used to want to be alone and for nobody to say my name in school because they would just make fun of it. It would have been easier if nobody knew who I was back then.



    I agree with you can empathize with you about the part where you wanted to be alone or invisible. It is honestly upsetting how much bullying isn’t condoned because it can really scar an individual. But I’m glad that you have started to appreciate your name more and more.



    Wow! That’s so wrong of your teacher to just laugh at you and not acknowledge that that’s not the way your last name is pronounced. But I can totally relate because growing up having a unique name has caused for many to mispronounce it. Even after I would correct them they’ll just keep mispronouncing it and I would always feel embarrassed.

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