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    After reading the article and watching the video I was able to acknowledge how many people stand up to their name in which they identify themselves with. My name is Kobe, I’m Hispanic, in fact I’m Mexican and I’m actually bilingual. My first language is English, and my second language is Spanish. Being bilingual makes me who I am today because it’s part of my culture and it helped evolved as a person. There are many things that are helpful throughout the world and would help make you who you are today for example, I play sports, and, in some way, it helped make me who I am today because it helped improve the way I look at things, improved the mentality, and determination.



    I can also relate to you because I’m also bilingual. I can speak both English and Spanish. Being bilingual has contributed to who I am today. It has helped me connect with two different cultures and understand it. It is truly something special.

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