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    I think the article and the video are something that many people could identify with or relate to like I did. My name is Ivan, and in my case, my name does not influence so much, but my language and culture do; I am Colombian, and my main language is Spanish. So all people have different perspectives against Latinos. They are very friendly and great collaborators with the people around them, like others who say we are selfish, envious, and destructive. Th makes the treatment of people towards us, the Latinos, very varied; generally, the Colombians are very known due to the narco culture. That is why I believe that regardless of where we come from, whether our country, culture, or language, we should never let ourselves be affected by the opinion or beliefs of others because we as people go much further than a culture and a tradition. That has been something that my family has taught me to never leave my essence aside under any circumstance. Being them, my parents have always taught me how important education is for one, so much so that I love studying and know where I am, and I know where I am going concerning my goals and dreams.



    It’s upsetting that people are capable of actually getting to know a person and their ethnicity or background but most just rely on stereotypes and false judgments.

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