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Doris Fong’s ePortfolio
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Hospitality Management
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This is my professional portfolio.
individual who’s aspiration is to learn a bit of everything in the hospitality field.
loves cooking, travel, event planning, baking, scenery, pictures, priceless moments.

My full name is Doris Fong and I am a New Yorker living in Williamsburg. I’m very friendly and positive-minded and love to make people smile! I love to travel and eat my heart away. This makes me know what my future desired career will be. I want to be an event planner or work in hotels. My ultimate goal is to become a wedding planner but I love to plan parties for people and make their day memorable. The best way is to visually picture their dream wedding or event and make that happen. Do your best or overpower it! Then, food comes in handy and don’t upset them. Make their tummies happy!~ I also love the hotel field and basically anything in hospitality. I know I am in the right major and I am looking foward to an exciting journey! Au revoir~


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