Disaster Recovery and Resilient Design in Coney Island

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Disaster Recovery and Resilient Design in Coney Island
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Project Description

The goal of this research is to provide a sustainable and resilient design solution that would accommodate the needs of disaster victims as a short term function for the Coney Island community, and on the long term as a communal space that would not only compliment the Coney Island Area, but also protect it during a storm surge.

The following issues will be addressed more specifically as a basis of this research:

Establish which areas in the Zone A region are developable or not
Investigate the use of Shipping Container homes for immediate disaster relief, the various methods they could be used and the infrastructure needed for delivery.
Investigate the History of Coney Island and potential designs to improve the local economy and touristic quality of the area.
Investigate and establish various disaster relief methods including existing and ongoing projects worldwide.
Investigate resilient and sustainable methods and materials in the design and construction of the new and alternate infrastructural and communal development of the Coney Island Area.

This research initiative is a product of the efforts and contributions of the following students:

Zakarya Samih, Jefchy Rojas, Jonathan Hernandez, Osmany Cabrera, Zachary Mcsween, Raymond Jimenez, Erika Tobbs.


This project was created by: Prof. Paul King