Design of a Stand-Up Power Wheelchair

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Design of a Stand-Up Power Wheelchair
This Project is OPEN.
School / Office
Technology & Design
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Project Description

In this project, one professor and three
students in the Department of Mechanical
Engineering Technology will design and
prototype a stand-up power wheelchair
which enables a patient to switch between
seating and standing positions with a click
of button. This will be done by several
tests including; stress analysis, and motion analysis. Also research was done in order to meet ethical, health needs and requirements. The stand-up functionality offers many physical and psychological benefits previously unavailable in traditional wheelchairs. By supporting the
patient’s body into a standing position, this chair improves circulation, muscle tone and helps prevent bone deterioration. The goal is to enable the patient to speak eye-level with others. As a result the patient will greatly improve their self- esteem and confidence.


This project was created by: justfg05

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