Design a Swiss style Christmas card

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Design a Swiss style Christmas card
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Project Description

Extra make-up assignment is to design a 10 X 10 Christmas card in the style and tradition of Swiss designer and Pratt Professor Charles Goslin. Professor Goslin, each year designed a subjective holiday self-promotion card. The greeting card was designed in black and white, and sized at 10X10. The assignment is due on the make-up date December 21st.

Assignment — Design a self-promotion Christmas card based on Swiss designer Charles Goslin.
The card must be based on one of the several cards designed by Mr. Goslin, presented as references.

The students must also write a two paragraph paper on defining Swiss Style design (also known as International Style).

Assignment specs
1. size: 10X10
2. colors: black and white
3. art: illustrations and clip art.

Thumbnail sketches due—12/12, 12/17, and final is due on the last day of class 12/21.

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