Faculty Resource Site DEN 1200/2023

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Faculty Resource Site DEN 1200/2023
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Dental Hygiene
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DEN 1200
Semester / Year
Spring 2023
Course Description

How many times as an instructor have you heard a student say, “BUT, we were taught…,”
or “Professor… said something different.”
For students to graduate with competence in oral hygiene practice, they need consistent teaching and feedback from their instructors. Well-calibrated faculty affords students the instructional and evaluative consistency they need to thrive and reduces learning discrepancies so they may advance to become confident, skilled dental hygiene professionals. However, calibration of faculty (full-time and adjunct) members can be difficult to accomplish owing to time restrictions, faculty schedules, and differences in professional viewpoints. This platform was designed with the intention of improving faculty calibration and serves as a place for colleagues to become more familiar with the instruction, verbiage, protocols, and practices commonly used in the Dental Hygiene clinic when teaching students. This faculty calibration webpage aims to:

Improve uniformity of student instruction and feedback

Improve the fairness and openness of evaluating methodologies

Increase the consistency and success of student learning


This course was created by: Isis Marsh