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Deluxe Dessert
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This is a place where one can see demos done by Professor Lowry that we might forget but will find useful to know. This can also serve as a gallery for all the great things done in the class.


This project was created by: Murielle

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week # 12

This will sadly be deluxe dessert's last week of production for dining guests, this semester. The […] See Moreweek # 12

Week #11

While the dinning room class was hosting the SCP dinner, the deluxe dessert was hard at work […] See MoreWeek #11

Week #10

A captivating week indeed! The dessert plates looked represented fine dining ,worthy of industry […] See MoreWeek #10

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I am very impressed by the capture of the process. What a great way to showcase the creative […] See MoreComment on "Week #5"

Comment on "Week #3"

Murielle, Thank you for documenting and sharing the pictures of production for week 3. The night […] See MoreComment on "Week #3"

Comment on "Week #3"

All this in just one class session! A true accomplishment. See MoreComment on "Week #3"