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My name is Darren Oscar Liu from NYC born on March 12 1999. I’m currently a student in City Tech who is majoring in commination design as I’m trying to build up my skills in different fields of media. I started drawing at age 4 when I would draw characters from Naruto, and got interested in the fact art is like secret language where people communicate with each other. Later I was interested in animation and went into Art and Design high school to major in animation as well as other medias such as illustration, watercolor, oil painting, oil pastel, and cartooning. I also started getting interested in tattoo and skateboard designs which led me to try out graphic design, which is why I’m in City tech now trying get a bachelor degree.
I want to do art as it’s a like a secret language or message that everyone understands through meaning of something or someone. I’m building up my skills in both digital and traditional, in order to have various ideas in graphic designs in someday of landing a job related to designing things, in such of trends of skateboarding and tattoos.

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