Entertainment Technology Culmination Project

Leroy Strother



February 27, 2018




Rewire:  The Misrepresentation of the American People!


New York City College of technology helped to elevate my documentary filmmaking skills by their intensive tutor ledge and mentorship.  You have motivated me to be the best filmmaker that I can ever be.

“Rewire” is a short and sweet review of the history of broadcasting and what has been done over the last century that has led to the disparity between cultures.  This issue has disenfranchised people of every race creed and color who resides in America, and after we produce this piece my crew will elevate this production into a feature format.  To produce this film in a compelling format I will use footage from archive.org, youtube and images from various advertising sites to show relevance in my documentation.  I will incorporate a voice over for my production as well.

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