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The Misrepresentation of the American people!

Written by

Leroy Strother
















(Visuals of all that is scene in the narration)

The hardest thing that any American can do is to look themselves in a mirror and assess their own situation and fallacies.  America, land of the free, home of the brave has been the biggest victim of constant an intentional segregation and has been manipulated by propaganda for over 100 years.  Our media tells us what they want us to believe about other countries and then we send our men and women to fight an enemy that has been fabricated to consume our fears.  But what about our fears of terrorism right here in America?  We have white supremacy, organized crime, and gangs of all nationalities that migrate across the united states and impose fear into our neighborhoods.


(3D animated human head rotating showing the functions of the ears and eyes during the narration)

To be able to grasp what the media is doing, we have to first understand how the human mind works.      If you do not have any handicaps, most humans have 2 functioning ears and eyes.  When we walk down the street we absorb an abundance of information that just stores itself in our brain.  Birds chirping, engines roaring, that person driving in a rush honking his or her horn, multiple conversations going on at one time and kids playing are all bits of data that we retain on a day-by-day basis, and all the absorbed at the same time.   Have you ever ridden public transportation with a person you don’t know for a long period of time and then you don’t see them anymore?  Although you do not know them, because your brain stored their image, you will question yourself and say, “Where do I know you from?”


Now I want you to take a look at some images that I have found for you so that and will clearly see subliminal messages within them that you would not normally recognize but they leave and imprint in your mind as well as your child’s thoughts.  These images target every race creed color and even religious beliefs.  (Images of SpongeBob, the lion king, various images used for advertisement with sexual innuendos and how theatres place various posters to submit sexual content.)


This is the medias overall goal when they are sending messages to us, this applies to commercials, movies and Especially the news.  (Reference Rodney king beating)

Hypodermic Effect is a model of communications suggesting that an intended message is directly received and wholly accepted by the receiver.  (List of Assumptions)

1) Humans react uniformly to stimuli

2) The medias message is directly injected into the blood stream of a population like fluid from a syringe

3) Messages are strategically created to achieve desired responses

4) The effects of the medias messages are immediate and powerful, capable of causing significant behavioral change in humans.

5) The public is powerless to escape the medias influence.

Now if you pay attention to this you will realize that the media struck a gold mine with the Rodney King beating.  And they have been milking it every since  (Show the transition from the beating to the verdict and how it correlates to the model)

30 May 1921, Monday.  Memorial Day Morning Tulsa Oklahoma

Dick Rowland and Sarah Page have some sort of encounter in the elevator of the Drexel Building.  She screamed, possibly drawing a clerk from Renberg’s, which was closed at the time?

31 May 1921, Tuesday Tulsa Oklahoma

1) Tulsa Tribune headline “Nab Negro for attacking girl in elevator” [No actual copies exist, although, Gill claims to have seen one].  “Tulsa Historical society and museum”

Black men gather to “face the lawless white men” (A.J. Smitherman’s “The Tulsa Race Riot and Massacre”) this ultimately led to the destruction of a black prosperous town. “Tulsa Historical society and museum”

2) On May 4th 2015 two Baltimore police officers accosted a young man whom they observed on camera carrying a revolver.  The police approached the suspect and he fled, ultimately falling on his own accord and dropping his firearm.  The suspect was hurt from his tumble, police cuffed him recovered the firearm and put the suspect in an ambulance to receive medical treatment.  Mike Tobin of FOX News had erroneously reported that police shot a black man in the back. “Fox News/Youtube”

Fox News jumped the gun on their report, because Blacks who killed or assaulted by police is big news, whites in the same situation are not.

Fade to:

Ethical Journalism should be accurate and fair; journalists should be honest and courageous in gathering, reporting and interpreting information www.spj.org

Fade to:  “If you’re not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” ― Malcolm X


(We will see images)

These next examples that I am going to give you in no way pass judgment

I am sure that everyone in America is familiar Eric Garner, Sean Bell and Michael Brown, because of the media; they became household names when you reference police brutality.  Police also killed Jeanetta Riley, Christopher Roupe, Kelly Thomas or Robert Ethan Taylor; they didn’t make the mainstream media.  Why?  The sad reality is whites who are killed by police is just news.

Atlanta, Georgia Feb 2014, 17-year-old Christopher Roupe was playing Wii when he heard a knock at the door.  The police were on the other side of the door to serve his father with a warrant.  Christopher went to answer the door with the Wii controller in his hand.  He was fatally shot as soon as he opened the door.  No officers charged!

Sandpoint, Ohio July 2014 Jeanetta Riley who was A pregnant woman who was reported as addicted to meth and alcohol was taken to Bronner General hospital by her husband after making threats to kill herself.  When confronted by police she had a 3-½ inch knife and was ultimately killed.

Culpepper, Virginia Feb 10, 2012, Patricia was leaving church after giving a Sunday class when she was shot several times by officer Daniel Harmon Wright.  She died from her wounds immediately.  According to officials there was a report of a suspicious person inside of the parking lot of the church.  Harmon-Wright is serving 3 years.  Because he story did not add up to the actual account

Robert Ethan Saylor was a Down syndrome man who visited a movie theatre with his aid, wandered away from her and went back to the theatre to see the film he enjoyed again.  He was approached by theatre staff and was asked to leave the premises and he refused.  Three off duty officers attempted to remove Saylor and had to use 3 pairs of cuffs to restrain him.  While they had him on his stomach he started to show signs of distress, he eventually died of asphyxiation.  Grand Jury decided not to pursue the case.

The overall effect is if people of color do not know that whites are also victims they will think they are being targeted.  The media, which withhold these accounts, know that people of color will march, where whites will go straight to the courts.  If you take footage of a person of color being targeted by police and you already know how they are going to respond, you are well on your way to obtain higher ratings and selling a larger number of newspapers.

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