Culinary Tourism Spring 2020

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    Alondra Deleon

    April 30th, 2020

    HMGT 4989

    Industry city

    On February 21 I visited industry city where I got a chance to let my taste buds explore new things. Industry city is huge and filled with multiple different things to try and not to mention the japan village which was the first stop on my visit to industry city. Upon my arrival I felt like I took a flight to japan the setup of the market is small but with lots to offer. On one side you are able to do some shopping there are multiple different drinks, packaging, candy, home essentials that are imported from japan. Aside from the market you can grab something to eat their about 4 different vendors that sell typical Japanese dishes which you are able to eat at the location or take home.I was able to taste Japanese mushroom it was amazing, the texture was thick and chewy but at the same time very refreshing especially with the sauce that was provided which I don’t remember what it was called but it reminded me of soy sauce. They have a variety of different shops where u can grab a bite and hang out outside or even indoors you wouldn’t imagine the different things you can find here. My top favorite stops were the avocado place called avocaderia everything is made with avocado! From their smoothies to their burgers it was supper cool, another one of my favorite spots was the little pizza shop called table 87 where at the end of the trip I brought one of the best slices of pizza ever. This pizza was made in a coal oven which gave the pizza a completely different taste compared regular pizza you buy in New York, the edge was nice and crispy, the sauce and cheese literally melted in my mouth and the basil added the perfect touch at the very end this is not your average pizza. Although it was so good, I wish I would`ve had some garlic chicken and rice from one of the Indonesian restaurants they had one of my classmates brought a plate of garlic chicken and rice it was amazing the chicken was filled with lots of flavor but a little spicy! Industry city is filled with things to do and things to taste, definitely worth the trip, in my years of living in the New York city I never met nothing like it, it’s very unique and has lots to offer the options are endless and I believe everything they have there is worth the try especially the chocolate Japanese kit Kats that are made with almonds and cranberries which you can find in the japan village.

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