CST4713 Dynamic Web Development

Welcome to Ruby on Rails,

In this project, I implemented a basic shopping cart application using ruby on rails. The shopping cart allows users to add items to their cart, as well as delete or edit the quantity of the items on your cart.  The shopping cart logistics follows the regular shoppers and shopkeepers where shoppers can add items to their cart, edit their cart quantity and place orders. As for the shopkeepers, they have administrator privileges to edit, update, add  items as well as users.  

I have only one admin (userName=a@gmail.com  &  Username =  123456). To try out the application feel free to sign up as a regular user and to create, manage and delete items and orders use admin credentials. After you done shopping , you can place your order.

Heroku link: https://limitless-shelf-23145.herokuapp.com/

Github link: https://github.com/cst4713-d766/project-2-shopping-cart-electrone901/blob/master/README.rdoc