CST2301 Mobile Device and Multimedia Programming, SP2015

  • RoadRunner
    • This is an app to determine how far you should jog. For example you had burgers, fries and a soda for lunch. In your evening jog you want to make sure that you’re burning calories. You insert the number of calories that you consumed and the RoadRunner app will give you a distance. You then can use maps to plan your end location. Take a victory selfie after you finish your run.
  • YourTime
    • An app the measure’s time and get’s you moving.
  • Kachit1.0
    • Roommate finder.
  • FinalProject_App
    • Save of one of the attempts at the project. Compiled on Android Studio using Genymotion emulator. The phone I mainly tested on was the Galaxy S4.

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