Concierge Marketing Assignment/HMGT1101-E503


It is weekend, parents and kids are free at home. Staying at home with the beautiful weather is like wasting the day-off. Going out? With kids? Here the problem comes. Parents often have the problems to take their children out on the weekend. If they are going to the mall, parents are always over spent, because kids have all the toys or other things they wanted to have in the world. And the naggings from the kids come to the mothers. Begging, crying, screaming…etc Anything that can change the mothers’ minds. Therefore, taking children to the mall may not the best choice. And some parents had such experience already maybe.

Now parents can take their kids to the Brooklyn Water Front. Great view, great people, no nagging for buying any toys. They can have lunch in the Vinegar Hill House, which serves traditional American food. Food is delicious, ambience is lovely and the price is fair. After dining parents can walk with their kids to the Greenway to see the river view, Manhattan, bridges…etc meanwhile helps digest the lunch and feel the nature with wind at the river side.