1. I will yield to Sam on these questions but as for examples of the type of animation I am thinking of this piece from NPR on how sand dunes form is awesome

2. Infographics that we’ve been involved with include these from Damascus Citizens for Sustainbility

And this award winning effort on frac sand mining

3. We’ve had some excellent contributions from a gentleman in West Virginia named Bill Hughes and I am sure we could do more with these images and narrative
4. We have a growing inventory of images of the fracking industry that might be receptive to some of your kid’s big ideas

5. Our interns in the past have presented at professional conferences but we never really took this work down  the infographic pathway and I am sure some of their maps and analysis would be great fodder for 1-2 infographics (Scroll down to “Posters”)

6. Also Sam put together this awesome infographic that I think might be conducive to some sort of animation as it unique from other fracking animations because of the inclusion of sand mining, compressors, waste disposal, etc.

Inline image 1