COMD3504 Communication Design Theory, Spring 2020

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    Summer Solano

    As we get older technology tends to change everyday and makes it easier for everybody. There’s some people that are old school and still do not keep up with technology. For an example, it’s difficult for my parents and my family to keep up with technology since they grew up in an older generation where technology did not exist and do take care of almost everything in person such as paying the bills physically, shopping in person. The only thing that existed for them to use technology is a flip phone or a house phone that has a cord. On the other hand, there’s people that don’t use technology the proper way such as using it for illegal things, or posting inappropriate things.

    According to the article, Our Book by El Lissitzky. “The hieroglyph is international: that is to say, if a Russian, a German, or an American impresses the symbols (pictures) of the ideas on his memory, he can read Chinese or Egyptian (silently), without acquiring a knowledge of the language, for language and writing are each patterns in themselves.” The writing is completely different compared to English, Spanish, Italian, German, and French. What makes it unique is that not a lot of people are able to visualize different languages besides English and Spanish. The progress of the letter in relation to the hieroglyph is relative.

    The author in Constructivist Manifesto emphasized these things because he wanted to utilize Graphic Design as a profession to bring society. Also, He was really big on social issues and supported the use of technology, design and industrialism to fix society for the better. Besides as a designer, he was as an engineer and inventor as well. As designers we have a potential to utilize the skills much better compared to people in the older generations. Since people in this generation and other potential generations have better tools and better technology.

    In the article, The Futurist Manifesto Filippo by Tommaso Marinetti. These artists anticipated the art and design that would follow is that they are Truly identical in their sinister juxtaposition of bodies that do not know each other. However, public dormitories where you sleep side by side forever with beings you hate or do not know. The Reciprocal violence of the painters and sculptors who murder each other in the same museum with blows of line and color.

    The ideas where the authors might separate is that technology sometimes forgets people how to do things physically and visually such as reading stuff in a newspaper, communicating with people more in person, watching the news more often, learning off a textbook, etc.

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