COMD3504 Communication Design Theory, Spring 2020

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    Summer Solano

    The reason why Rudimentary communication methods are relevant when it comes to contemporary information systems is because designers today create and communicate has quietly thrust universality back into the foundation of our work. Technology is empowering a new collectivist, in order to understand how this crucial design concept is evolving. However, we need to take a look at how it initially emerged.

    Contemporary designers concern themselves when it comes to writing or techniques. A form of expression was working for pictures and videos. Although, directed craft objects that are both tools for design and tools for exploration towards a number of projects, spanning a decade, centered on self-identity and personal significance. The punctuation was used individually to spread grammatical and typographical standards prior to printing throughout region to region.

    What provokes new ideas are the typeface Helvetica, generation after generation, yet nearly anyone living in a literate, urbanized part of the world has seen this typeface or characters inspired by it. In the reading “Graphic Design Theory by Helen Armstrong” Design is a social activity, which is rarely working alone or in private. Besides working alone or in private, as designers were able to communicate with clients, audiences, publishers, institutions, and collaborators. While our work is exposed and highly visible. As individuals we often remain anonymous, our contribution to the texture of daily life existing below the threshold of public recognition.

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