COMD3504 Communication Design Theory, Spring 2019

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    What new possibilities did the authors of these manifestos find at the start of the new century?

    Lissitzky is grateful of inventions such as the printing press and daguerreotype. believing it was the highest achievements for our species.He also seems disappointed that people didn’t gave the original inventions more respect since the printing press evolved to the point where it allowed book production to be faster and cheaper to produce. Constructivist Group felt that technology made art cold,easy and meaningless. I feel they believed that technology kills the creative mind, which allows us to think of planes,bridges,and skyscrapers.

    n what ways did these artists anticipate the art and design that would follow?

    Ed Lissitzky was excited for the future.Each day allowed for new upgrades for previous inventions. Making things that were once tedious, easier to use. Constructivist Group believed the opposite that technology was the enemy of art.

    Where do the ideas of these authors intersect? And where might they diverge?

    Where the artists intersect is thinking of the ways technology will effect the art word and us as humans. All the artists express their feelings and predictions . while the constructivist group seems against the merging of the two. Lissitzky and Marinetti embraced it.

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