COMD3503Spring2019 Topics in Graphic Design

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    David Rohee

    David Rohee
    Topics in Graphic Design
    I believe that I am a trendsetter as a graphic designer because when I first started as an Advertising Design major, I would often be given the opportunity to look at art piece created by painters throughout history and look at old magazines. I liked what I saw and was interesting to understand a designer’s way of thinking thusly using it towards my own advantage. Watching many pieces of art, I would take it upon myself to redesign them and that’s what makes me a trendsetter. I like changing nearly every element of an original design because it was a test for me to see if I can do better as a means of surpassing the original creator of an artwork.

    I have gone through many redesigns of ads and logos because not only is it very risky but it’s probably the most challenging thing to do as for mostly any designer. Being very open to criticism has also made me a trendsetter because I know whether I had gotten a positive or negative response I know I’ve given the observer a call to action and as a designer I must always grab someone’s attention. Doing redesigns of currently existing designs made by other designers gives me a chance to become a creative director because I make the rules and do my best to have people see things from a different angle.

    I want plenty of people to become a lot more like me as a designer because ideas don’t just come from nowhere, so anytime they are redesigning something the original concept is already in front of them making it easier to know what changes can implemented. Throughout all my redesigns I’ve like what I made because I felt passionate about it and as designers, we have to love what we do. I believe that all designers should take an opportunity to redesign because it is another thing to add to their skills and like all things in the currently existing market, technology is constantly advancing so it evokes the saying “Out with the old and in with the new”.

    Another talent of mine is also to redesign without inspiration of other artworks. In all honesty I don’t like looking at other artworks other than mine because not only do I fear even the slightest form of plagiarism, I fear not getting the chance to be myself. I always like to start something totally from scratch of anything I can piece together in my mind and that’s what sets me apart from everyone else. I want to be unique as possible because I want the viewer to gain inspiration from and inspiration from the person I could have been inspired by if you catch my drift. It’s best to create things of your own experiences being that you can give people that best knowledge you can of your true self and it would be original.

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