COMD2327 – Type II, S2017

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    Hi everyone,

    Please select one piece of work you created in Type & Media last semester and display it on your ePortfolio. Take the link and copy and paste here into the discussion below. Provide a brief critique about what you created and your related thoughts (positive or negative).

    Thank you!

    Prof. Hitchings


    Samantha R

    My final project for COMD1167 was an interactive magazine or chapbook. I felt it was an interesting and fun project to work on. Gathering ideas for the project and putting them together overall was my favorite part. The only difficulty I found was creating the interactive features as well as the buttons and links which were a bit tedious and time consuming.

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    Gennessy Palma

    My final project for Type and Media was based on a series or topic we enjoyed I chose an Anime known as ” Blue Exorcist.” I thought it was intriguing and It was tedious when this project began. The pieces I’ve added are my favorite parts of the book I created based on the series.



    My Favorite Project

    This was my favorite Project from COMD 1167. W had to choose a topic and write about it. It was a difficult assignment due to the fact that we had to only use type to create the image. When you click the link you’ll see that I made a football Helmet out of just type and punctuation symbols. Also putting the video into the indesign page was a bit difficult as well. Overall the project was challenging but fun at the same time. I’m actually happy with the results of this project.

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    Alexis Vega Velez

    Interactive pdf

    This interactive pdf is my favorite piece i created in type and media. This is the introduction to all of my stories i wrote about my experiences in different situations. This is my favorite because it shows what i am. I have always been the odd one in my family. The one that did the complete opposite of what everyone else did. I believe this depicts exactly that.



    My critique is posted on my ePortfolio.

    COMD1167 Final Project F14


    Nicole Harripersad

    My favorite project I created in Type and Media was a interactive magazine. I created a magazine based off my favorite animated TV show RWBY. I loved doing this project because I get to express myself for the things I love.


    Vanessa Ramirez

    My final project for Type and Media COMD 1167 was about creating a magazine layout. We had to choose one topic of our liking and research three different articles to use them in the magazine.

    COMD 1167


    Thank you everyone for sharing, I enjoyed seeing a snapshot of your work from last semester.




    Projects from Type I

    Typography I


    Rafael Lopez

    Cerena Reid
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