COMD1167 D154, Type and Media, Spring 2017

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    Univers font was first developed in 1957 by designer Adrian Frutiger. It was released after a long period of time when geometric fonts like Futura were popular. Univers is classified as a Neo-grotesque sans-serif fontface. He described Univers in 1998 as having a ‘visual sensitivity between thick and thin’ strokes, avoiding perfect geometry.” Univers is often seen as a unique alternative to Helvetica. Variations of the type family are categorized by numbers rather than names which is a system since adopted by Frutiger. The in Univers “Q” has a horizontal tail that touches the baseline. The tail on the “R” is curved. It has no contrast and flat terminals. Univers is known for its clear lines and legibility at great distances. Many corporations in the 60s and 70s adopted it for usage. Apple Inc, iMac uses it for many of their keyboards. Univers was often used by the German government during the 1980s for propaganda during the 40th anniversary of the country. Univers was also used for George W. Bush’s campaign logos in 2000 and 2004.

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