COMD1167-D146 Type & Media, SP2017

  • View document Introduction to Myself   Uploaded by Aryana Baez on February 1, 2017
    Description: Hey, my name is Aryana, but I prefer to be called Ary. In my spare time I enjoy listening to music and expressing myself through different mediums such as pens, pencils, charcoals, paints, etc. Its all based on my free expression, the tool doesn’t really matter. I have found that when I immerse myself in my art, a sense of a peace overwhelms me. I also enjoy traveling. If I didn’t have responsibilities and was given the opportunity to pack my belongings and travel the world, I’d pack up and go. There are so many places and cultures I want to learn and experience.<br /> I am also passionate and inspired by nature. I believe it to be the purest form of life and the most beautiful. The more things I experience the more inspired I become. It brings a thrill to my soul. I believe my moments of inspiration to be moments of self discovery. In those moments I’m completely myself. Im just trying to follow my purpose and enjoy the journey along the way. Im elated to take this class.