COMD1103 Foundation Drawing, D120, FA2016

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    Sophia Nahyun Kim

    First of all, I really loved his art works. He had his own unique style, and each of his works had power that catches my attention.
    The most interesting art work that I picked is The Black Cat, c1894. When I first looked at it, I was amazed. It totally caught my attention, and I was speechless for a second.
    There is a cat right above the woman’s head, and in the middle of the frame. Although the name of the work is The Black Cat, the woman also gathers the audience’s attention. I believe it’s because how Beardsley uses negative space on the cat and the background. It balances out very well. The cat is outlined with white line, and has, I think, white fur on his chest. Because of the darkness surrounding, the cat’s sharpy nails, and the face they make, the art itself draws attention, and bring a dangerous, and warning image to me. It makes me feel like the cat is controlling the woman, and is predicting something that will happen to her.


    Yimei Han

    Aubrey Beardsley’s art works have extremely his own style. I just saw one of his masterpiece before I googled him then I could figure out rest of his works on the webpage.
    The most interesting image in my opinion is the “A PLATONIC LAMENT” 1894. Most of his images is black and white also this one has a lot of blank space and still caught my eyes. The main objects sat at the bottom of the picture plane made me focus on it. On the right side of the picture plane have vines and trees stretched to the top balanced this image. The remaining white space made me feel a sense of death but peaceful.a platonic lament


    Julie Bradford

    The Dream

    Aptly titled “The Dream,” the soft-like composition is why I chose this work from Aubrey Beardsley. There is an overwhelming feminine aura coming from the picture defined by the delicate detailing on the drapes, the drapes themselves and even the sheets on the bed. The overall thinness of the contours and the sheer use of white positive space helps the composition as a whole to appear ethereal and magical, as if we ourselves are part of the dream Beardsley so elegantly composed.


    Jordan Hill
    the composition titled “peacockskirt” by Aubrey Beardsley had caught my attention because his use of contrast between white and black helps show points of interest within the work. for example the black peacock on the left of the women stands outs because it is a black figure presented on a white ground so it pops out in my persecutive, not only only that but the use of white on the black part of the first woman’s attire helps create a design utilizing both black and white making it interesting to the human eye.

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