ComD1100 Graphic Design Principles 1sp2017

Graphic Principles 1 Prof. Rosenblatt

Materials list

β€’ 11” x 14” Bristol pad (Vellum finish)
β€’ 9” x 12” Bristol pad (Vellum finish)
β€’ 9” x 12” tracing paper pad (Strathmore)
β€’ 11”
x 14” drawing paper (good quality) e.g.
Canson brand; recycled is good
β€’ 12”, 15” or 18” steel ruler Must get a steel ruler
β€’ 30ΒΊ, 60ΒΊ,
90ΒΊ inking triangle; can be smaller*
If you do not get a triangle, get a steel T-square. (24” long)
FW ink (acrylic waterproof ink)
ONLY THIS ONE. Do not get Higgins.
Exacto blades and holder (or several single edged razor blades)
β€’ pencils: 4H, 2H, HB, 3B, Ebony (Note: retractable mechanical pencils will not be alllowed for thumbnails, sketches, or finishes in this class. They are allowed only for note taking.)
β€’ fine tip permanent marker (Sharpie)
β€’ technical width Sharpie (0.5)
β€’ 2 kneaded erasers (brand: prismacolor),
1 Pink Pearl eraser
β€’ small (9” x 12”) cutting board (can be made from a small piece of illustration board and masking tape)
β€’ 1 roll of masking tape
β€’ one #8 round brush plus a size #3 round. (Utrecht #225 series Pure Red Sable); check for a good point before purchasing. (Check dipped in water: ask for the water to test it – not in your mouth!) No synthetics.
β€’ one flat sable brush (DaVinci series
1311 flat #6)
β€’ paper towels
β€’ flat acrylic palette. Available at WC Art for about $6. Must be FLAT white or clear, at least 8” diameter. Will not be used as disposable in this class.

NO ridges, NO separations, NO cups ON SURFACE of the plate.
β€’ small plastic PAINTING (not palette) knife.
β€’ 2 plastic pint sized containers for water
β€’ glue stick

Winsor Newton Designer gouache colors:
required colors:
Cadmium yellow or cadmium lemon
Cadmium red
Quinacridone magenta
Primary Blue AND Ultramarine Blue
Ivory Black
manent White [larger tube]
(look for the word titanium on the back)

green will be mixed for all color


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