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    Summary: The article speaks about the impact of the terrorist attack from 9/11 and how the people from the city and lower manhattan reacted when the government decided build the One World trade center. The article develops on how this awful event changed drastically the life of lower manhattan and the businesses that once were successful, like restaurants, boutiques, and clothing shops. It is also mentioned how The One World Trade Center was built and the measured that were take in order to make of the building “the most secure office building in America.”

    Communication Problem: How the building is changing people life and the perspectives of the young New Yorkers. How the lower Manhattan is shifting gears to a uprising business center, and how we need to keep in mind that the memorial must be respected.

    Image Ideas: People daily life in the lower Manhattan, a lot of optimism and framing the past and new architecture. Focus on the new building but also the business around it.



    Summary:There is a retail revolution that is underway in Lower Manhattan
    It is no surprise that retail is finally coming to the area. The one square mile that makes up Lower Manhattan below Chambers Street has changed a great deal since 9/11.Thousands of new condominium and rental developments have swollen the ranks of residents. The World Trade Center site’s integration of memory with commerce creates.

    Communication: Changing people and their life with retail revolution.

    Image Ideas: Pregnant women, they going to give life in that area, Somebody walking with dog, different nations.

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