COMD 2320 D187

Project 3:

This project is a brand new topic for this semester.
The requirements are as follows:

1. Select a two to team of three members.
2. Decide who will be the camera operators and who will be the interviewer.
3. Find someone to interview.
a. It cannot be a friend.
b. It cannot be someone from this class.
i. It can be:
1. Another professor from the college.
2. A senior citizen.
3. A military veteran.
4. An industry professional.
5. A police officer or fire fighter.
6. Someone who has emigrated from another to the United States.
7. A business owner.
4. You must ask the interviewee at least 5 well thought out questions.
a. Asking them their name and where they are from do not count.
i. You must have the questions written ahead of time and provided to me.
ii. You can ask additional questions to the interviewee if the conversation allows.
5. You must use at least 2 cameras.
6. You must use microphones.
7. The video must be at least 3 ½ minutes long without counting credits.

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