COMD 2313 Illustration 1, SP2017

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COMD 2313 Illustration 1, SP2017
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Sara Woolley Gómez
Communication Design
Course Code
COMD 2313
Semester / Year
Spring 2017
Course Description

This course is a practical introduction to the field of illustration. Focus will be places on
process work and professional practices, presented within contemporary and historical
context. Course includes projects and lectures in a variety of illustration genres including:
product design and advertising, storyboard, book illustration, editorial illustration, and
institutional illustration. A variety of materials will be introduced through lectures and
demonstrations for use on assignments such as: pencil, pen and ink, brush, colored pencil,
brush and paint, and collage. Critical concepts such as: Conceptual Development, Working
on Assignment, Composition, Contrast, Value, Point of View, and Color theory will be

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