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My name is Clotilda Hamilton. I’m from a small island called St.Lucia. As of 2013 our population was about 187,273. Our leading revenue used to be agriculture but now it’s Tourism.
Right after high school, I began sailing. I was first mate on a 72′ sailing yacht called “Victoria”. For the 8 I spent sailing, I got the opportunity to travel to many of the most beautiful places hidden in the Caribbean. Places like, St. Martin, St.Barths , Dominica, Martinique, St.Vincent and the Grenadines just to name a few. I was also one of the first persons to visit and have dinner on Jaunty’s Island. Jaunty’s Island is a man made island built on a reef right on the bay in Bequia.
It was through my travels and getting to eat a those amazing places, I thought my dream of always wanting to be a chef, realistic. I absolutely love being in the kitchen. I can’t imagine my future self not being a chef. So after 8 years of sailing around, I decided on coming to new York to persue my true passion by first attending college.
After moving to New York , I started looking into culinary schools. One of my best friends recently graduated from the Hospitality/Culinary programme with a bachelor’s degree. So after speaking to her and comparing, I decided on City Tech. I recently started College since graduating high school in 1999. I’m a very hard worker and I plan on taking my craft very seriously

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