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First Year Writing @ City Tech
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FYW@City Tech is a program and a digital forum for sharing curricular and pedagogical resources related to teaching and learning about writing at City Tech

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From Lavelle Porter

Lavelle Porter's Syllabus is notable for its focus on readings about New York City, as it […] See MoreFrom Lavelle Porter

From Monroe Street

Monroe Street's 1101 syllabus is for a class which has all meetings, including lab hour, on a […] See MoreFrom Monroe Street

From Rob Ostrom

Rob Ostrom's syllabus only includes the schedule of classes, but is helpful for its grid […] See MoreFrom Rob Ostrom

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Peer Review

and it still hasn't. Oh well. See MorePeer Review

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ENG1101 Student Essays (Sample Essays)

Professor Rudden has collected and published several ENG1101 student essays about learning on the Writing About Learning Web site, which can be found at: See MoreENG1101 Student Essays (Sample Essays)

Summarizing an Essay (Handout)

Summarizing an Essay Professor Mushabac A summary briefly presents in your own words the main point and supporting ideas of a piece of writing.  For the City Tech midterm and final exam, the summary of an essay or article should […] See MoreSummarizing an Essay (Handout)

Writing Summaries (Handout)

Writing Summaries Professor Rodgers In writing a summary, you are re-presenting the information that you have read in a compact manner. Summaries are incredibly useful to know how to write, not only in terms of keeping track of […] See MoreWriting Summaries (Handout)