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Summary of essay, 'The Money' (text book)
English Chrystal Slowley   In the essay, "The Money," Junot Diaz talks about the case of the money stolen from his family that he so happened to uncover. Like most Caribbean families, Junot's mother sends enough money to her parents every so often to make sure that there's food on their tables and lights on in their home. Unfortunately, that money was stolen from their small apartment. Of course, it was devastating to his mother who was unemployed, and somehow it struck a chord with Junot that caused him to solve the mystery. While discussing the unfortunate event with his friends, Junot discovered that they were indeed the culprits that had robbed the family. But instead of taking legal measures, Junot thought it to be fitting to return the favor, and rob them back. In his neighborhood, which is unlike most, people just don't get caught for doing illegal things. He was able to return the money back and leave his so called friends feeling the pangs of being "robbed" themselves.

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