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    Within our group, we put together a project that would teach people how to research maps, bake, and even how to write a decent research paper. The theme of the project is Christmas and other holidays that are celebrated around Christmas such as Kwanzaa. Our project delivery was through a Zine, which was spoken about mid semester. We chose the Zine because we felt it would be a fun way for students to learn or begin the incentive to learn how to research. Because Zines do not have rules, we thought that this would be the perfect project that will leave us with a lot of room for freedom and creativity and especially, to make our project stand out.
    The zine breaks down into three major parts. The beginning is how to write a research paper, which happens to be my responsibility. I felt the topic on how to write a research paper would be something useful to a student to refer to when dealing with uncertainties of how to approach or write a research paper. Within the zine it talks more about the process and has documentations on how to write a paper step by step such as, forming a thesis and what the structure should look like. At the end it gives suggestions about where you can research information such as databases and news papers such as the, New York Times.
    Hopefully, this project can be useful and fun for another to use.

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