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    Within our group, we put together a project that would teach people how to research maps, bake, and even how to write a decent research paper. The theme of the project is Christmas and other holidays that are celebrated around Christmas such as Kwanzaa. Our project delivery was through a Zine, which was spoken about mid semester. We chose the Zine because we felt it would be a fun way for students to learn or begin the incentive to learn how to research. Because Zines do not have rules, we thought that this would be the perfect project that will leave us with a lot of room for freedom and creativity and especially, to make our project stand out.
    The zine breaks down into three major parts. The beginning is how to write a research paper, which happens to be my responsibility. I felt the topic on how to write a research paper would be something useful to a student to refer to when dealing with uncertainties of how to approach or write a research paper. Within the zine it talks more about the process and has documentations on how to write a paper step by step such as, forming a thesis and what the structure should look like. At the end it gives suggestions about where you can research information such as databases and news papers such as the, New York Times.
    Hopefully, this project can be useful and fun for another to use.

    Documentaion- Emira
    I found this project to be relatively fun because it is your typical arts and crafts project, which I like to do on my own aside from the project, at home or my own spare time. Usually I make collages and bracelets with lan yarn therefore, this project definitely put some spunk into doing research and documenting. Zines were introduced to me in my research and documentation class which then I thought was a project that was absolutely brilliant and really stuck out to me. I said to myself before that project, that I wanted to attempt a zine on my own. Later, discovering we can use a zine for our documentation project, I became really thrilled. To begin I went back to my notes on how to begin to create a zine. As a group we chose what our zine was going to consist of. Furthermore, I began thinking about all the ways one should approach writing a research paper. In the zine it goes through a step by step process of how to develop a thesis question, what a body should look like, how to formulate a conclusion and what should not and should be avoided when developing you actually paper. After I wrote out all my information we each individually came together and printed out our stuff to cut and paste into the zine. We used thread, felt, glue, gift wrapping paper that has a Christmas theme on it and many pictures that document our work. The writing was a bout Kwanzaa. My information was gathered from JSTOR, my notes, and Google images. JSTOR was used to give an example of how to take a scholarly article and how to use a quote from the article without paraphrasing. The notes helped how to make an actual zine and google images was used to find pictures of people celebrating Kwanzaa.

    Documentation- Sabrina
    In my section of the project I choose to show how to cite a website and photos. I thought this project was very time consuming and done at the wrong time. The end of the semester is supposed be time to study for test taking but anyway… I used the Kellogg’s site to find a good and fun treat receipt to go with the holiday. Christmas time is full of fun and joy… It is fun for most people, not for college students. I made Rice Krispies Treats holiday snacks. They are time consuming but are fun to make. I showed how to cite a web page because many people do research and use websites for an information source. Something that I learned new was how to site a photo. There are many types of photos a person can site so I showed how to cite different types of photos. In this project I took my own photos, which gave me an opportunity to site my own work. In every research paper that a student does, we have to include a citation page so that is why I choose o show hoe to site a web site and photos. was very helpful when it came time to cite my works.

    Documention- Maria
    The purpose of my portion of the zine is to provide information on how to enjoy the holidays in New York City. Many people are unaware of the many events carryout throughout the city during the holiday months. I want people to realize how simple is to search the web for holiday events in New York City. New York City is filled with many winter wonders. Holiday tree lighting, window decoration of major department stores throughout the city, and holiday shows. I also want people to acknowledge how easy is to travel in the New York City by subway. If people have difficulties reading subway maps, they can easily use application such as Google map or Hopstop. I used Google as an example on how easy it is to find Christmas events around New York City. Google has great features such as related searches. Once a person decides where they want to go. They can use hopstop to plan their outing. Hopstop provides them with the amount of time for travel, distance, even the amount of calories burned if any walking is required. The apps also provide step by step directions; everything from walking to and from the train station and to the location the person desire. People can step up multi-destinations. Another feature hopstop offers is a train schedule with arrivals and departure time.

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