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  • Thank you for you come to CCF
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    JianHui Xie

    Thank you for making yourself available for CCF.. Your effort in CCF.. I am sure Father God will know about it and reward you at HIS time…. and you will experience the Joy as working as a family and more important is that you are working with our Lord. I am too excited for this semester.. and i am here to please you… to continue put each of our members relationship with our Lord, our heart, our friendship and our relationship with Father God in our daily prayer.. because i do believe our Father willing to die for us and also willing to listen each of our prayer….. Thank you and Thank you again~
    I love each of you Very Very much in Christ~!
    You are so lovely…( as
    I love you~!

    P.S “δ½  要 η›‘ εΏƒ 、 η›‘ 性 、 η›‘ εŠ› 、 η›‘ 意 、 ζ„› δΈ» δ½  ηš„ γ€€ η₯ž . 又 要 ζ„› ι„° 舍 如 同 θ‡ͺ ε·± 。”路加福音10:27

    by your president



    Hello, I am one of OpenLab’s community facilitators, and I just wanted to welcome your club to the site. If any issues arise that you need help with, please feel free to contact me.

    Tom Blunt

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