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  • Article Review: THE MET AND A NEW LOGO
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    Ammar Krcic

    After reading the article based on the Metropolitan museum changing their logo, I found it very interesting as to why so many people didn’t like the logo, until I scrolled back to the top of the website to get a better look of it. For this, I would say I’m neutral. I don’t hate it, but i do like it in a way.

    The reason why I like it is because its simple and straight to the point. It has an elegant feeling to it. After all, I believe that design should be simple yet creative to express the ideas of the designer of what product they want to show. Now, to explain why I believe it’s not so great is that the text doesn’t line up with one another. The ‘T’ from ‘THE’ doesn’t line up with the ‘M’ from ‘MET’ the same goes for the letters ‘E’ and ‘T’. After taking a class in Typography 1 last semester, I learned that designing with text has rules and certain rules are made to make sure your design isn’t crazy. I feel like every letter is overpowering one another when it is combined (with kerning) to the point that you’re eyes are overwhelmed when it’s trying to match the pieces of the “THE MET”.

    Overall, what I’ve learned while studying this logo would be that there are different ways to creating logo’s even if there is going to be controversy out there. If you take a look at David Brodsky, the museum’s chairman, he kept his cool and said that he loves the new design. He’s proudly standing up for it even if there are people out there that don’t like it. It just shows that you should never give up on a logo you make, that you should stick with it even if you feel it’s the best choice and this really helped me learn that I should always keep anything from sketches, designs, etc. even if they don’t look as great because I could make them better in the future.



    I think you took away from this article is very important: that there will always be those who don’t like the new approach but it is important to stand by a solution.

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