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    Francis Xie

    This article essentially discusses the re-branding of the famed Detective Comics’ logo design. According to said article, it has already gone through a couple redesigns, most of which have followed the tradition of the circular decoration on the back, with the exception of the 2012 logo where the D is peeled back from the C. The newly designed logo however will grasp hold of the old logo tradition, returning with two simple slab-serif letters and a circle. There were mixed reactions towards this new re-branding. I’ve never paid too much attention to the history of the logo re-branding myself until today, but if I was to have a say in this, I would prefer the sticker logo. The traditional circle logos makes the brand look like it’s directed towards sports, but the 2012 one has much more appeal. Despite this opinion, I do respect Detective Comics’ decision to shift back to its roots in order to spread a more traditional feel to its environment.



    It is interesting how, the more you learn about logo redesign, the more one sees how there is always a tension between pushing novel approach or gravitating back to tradition.

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