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Application for Designation as an Associate Degree Capstone Course


According to the new LAS/LAA associate Capstone policy, the capstone requirement can be met either by taking an approved associate capstone course or, in special cases, by taking an approved independent study.  In order for a course or independent study to be given an associate capstone designation, it should be submitted for review.  For _(semester)___ consideration, please fill in this form and submit it by _________ to __________________________________.


Date: _______ Name and Number of Course: _____________________________ Department(s): ________________


For department that want new courses to be designated as capstones or want old courses to retain their capstone designation, the Associate Capstone Committee will consider the extent to which the courses in question contribute to the students’ intellectual development in the ways outlined below.


In doing so the committee understands that not all of these ways are equally applicable to the various disciplines in the School of Arts and Sciences and that not all of the courses that will qualify as capstones will promote students’ intellectual development in every single one of these ways.


Discipline Specific Learning Contribution Please describe how the course makes this contribution Please describe how student learning is assessed.
1. Develop skills, values and knowledge beyond the introductory level in one or more disciplines and the ability to deepen and continue learning.    
2. Exercise critical thinking in the context of the specific discipline(s).


General Education Learning Contribution    
3. Develop and use, by oneself or within a group and within or across disciplines, the inquiry, evaluative and analytical skills needed for productive academic work.    
4. Demonstrate understanding of  ethics and diverse perspectives in personal, professional, civic and cultural/global domains and apply these values.


5. Develop and use the communication skills needed for productive academic work.















Example of how students could demonstrate skills, values and knowledge beyond the introductory level:


  1. Students present and synthesize information and compare and critically discuss different scholarly perspectives on a given topic.


Example of how students could exercise critical thinking in the context of the specific discipline:


  1. Students gather, interpret, evaluate and apply information from a variety of sources, and make meaningful and multiple connections.
  2. Students use creativity to solve problems. They may employ scientific reasoning and logical thinking.


Please describe in detail the communication component of the course in the table above. 


Discipline Specific Learning

An associate capstone course will have one or more prerequisites within the discipline.  If it is an interdisciplinary course, it could have a prerequisite in a relevant discipline.


Independent Study

For independent study courses taken to fulfill the capstone requirement, attach a copy of the Independent Study Application and explain how and to what an extent the course makes the contributions to student learning outlined in the table above .


Please attach a copy of the Course Outline with this application form