BIO2312 lab Fall 2020

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Sabrina Albert Bio2312 Lab Blood and Blood Group Identification Activity

Sabrina Albert  Bio 2312 Lab Lab Blood and Blood Group Identification Activity    Lab Activity Blood Image 1(19-05_2): This image […]

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Kimberly Bell BIO 2312 Lab

Blood Group Identification Activity 19-09_1.jpg: On this image, it has four blood samples with four blood types: A+, B+,  AB+, […]

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Stephanie Vasquez (lab activity blood, blood group identification activity)

Lab activity blood: Image 1 ( 19-05_2): In this  image it shows the loss of old and damaged erythroctyes but thats […]

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Stephanie Jacob (Lab Activity Blood & Blood Group Identification Activity)

Stephanie Jacob BIO2312 Lab Section OL-57   LAB ACTIVITY BLOOD  Image 1 (19-05_2): This image shows the  Recycling of Red […]

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Image 1(19-05_2): This image shows rbc. The hematocrit of a person is relatively consistent, the loss of erythrocytes is compensated […]

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