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Biological Sciences
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Introduction to Biology


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Biology II Lab Notes (Cont.)

Biology II Circulation and Cardiovascular Systems Ventricle - Pumps out blood (2 lower chambers) Atrium - Receives Blood (2 upper chambers) Fish 2 Chambers Frog 3 Chambers (2 atriums, 1 ventricle) Bird 4 Chambers  (2 atriums, 2 See MoreBiology II Lab Notes (Cont.)

Bio II Lab Final Review

Bio II Lab Final Chapter 11 Abdominal System/Cavity pg 169 (Inside of a Pig) Contains organs of the digestive system Stomach - stores food and has numerous gastric glands which secrete gastric juice and causes protein to be digested Small See MoreBio II Lab Final Review

Biology II Lab Notes

Biology II Lab pg 163 - 167 pg.163 The anus, an opening under the tail, is part of what system in the body? Digestive The oral cavity is the space in the mouth that contains the tongue and the teeth. What system of the body includes the See MoreBiology II Lab Notes