Ball Clicker

The objective of the project is to achieve the highest score by clicking on the green ball which will give you 1 point. The problem is that there are many other balls that such as the red ball, which will render a reset to your score. You do have an advantage though, which is a rainbow colored ball that will slow down the pace of of how he balls moves, giving you a chance to gain more points. The more points you score the smaller the rainbow colored ball becomes. Another factor that a user should know is that after a certain amount of points the green ball begins to change color, making harder for the user to distinguish where the ball is.
As we began to make this app we were trying to think of a way as to how we can make a game fun, but yet challenging. Mike came up with the idea of Ball clicker, which was the stepping stone for the app. We began to work as a team to provide the user with a strategic and challenging game. Mike was in charge of the programming and i was in charge with giving user input. Our teamwork was impeccable.
Thus ball clicker was formed. A game that is user friendly and intuitive. So intuitive that if we were to never explain how the game works, anybody could understand how it works after playing it for just 2 minutes. Something in which a lot games are missing now a days.