Assignment #1

Jose F. Perez

February 11, 2014

Storyboard Concepts

ADV 3523

Prof. Richard Davis

Assignment #2

1. Extreme long shot: Central Park, NY. The camera moving slowly from left to right getting a sense of a calm afternoon. People enjoying the day and nature.

2. Long Shot (Wide shot)
A jogger is coming from a small hill, doing his day to day exercise routine. With the camera focusing the full jogger’s body, giving a sense of the amount of road left behind.

3. over the shoulder shot: this is a perfect shot of the jogger’s shoulder while he is doing his exercise and across the street, a rollerblade is entering the park towards the jogger’s path.

4. Medium Long Shot: the camera staying still; the jogger passes A couple while walking their dog.

5. Cut in: a close up of the jogger. The camera is catching the moment the jogger decides to pet the couple’s dog.

6. Tilt shot: while the camera is tilted to the left, giving a sense of a dangerous moment in the scene, the rollerblade intersects the path of the jogger and trios over the jogger’s foot

7. Dolly’s shot: We get a perfect smooth motion shot in this scene, capturing the rollerblades collision with the park bench.

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