Artist Statement

Covid-19 is a disease that was able to turn the entire world into a global pandemic. This disease caused everything to end up shutting down everything and even having everybody quarantine for an entire year. One year later scientists were able to create 3 different vaccines being Pfizer, Johnson, and Johnson, and Moderna that was tested and confirmed to be a safe product. Although a lot of people have taken it others haven’t due to a lot of concerns, rumors, etc. which changed their minds on taking it and even started to create more rumors based on the rumors they’ve heard from other people. The reason I became interested in this topic was that when the vaccines were released there was a huge controversial debate on how the vaccines would affect us either positively or negatively, later on, one day after watching the news I’ve heard that a lot of people are dying due to being unvaccinated so I’ve done a little bit of research and most of it is because people don’t trust it and are concerned of what will happen if they were to become vaccinated. My goal is to ease people’s minds and inspire them to make the right decision in order to protect themselves and the people around them.

The reason why I thought the blog was a good choice was that it feels the easiest to get your point across without them having to dig deep into research to gather information. With the Internet allowing people all around the world to post daily about everything, it’s hard finding the exact information you need especially if the thing you looked up has nothing to do with the topic you’re trying to get information on and causing you to stress even more, with my blog having all the information needed it will ease the mind of my audience to help make a decision, and also save them plenty of time from searching endlessly for an answer.

A blog in my opinion is one of the best to communicate with my audience since it’s able to have a lot of information about a topic and share other people’s ideas which would better my topic. If people who have taken the vaccine can also agree with my information, it might help people who are concerned about the vaccine believe that the vaccine isn’t harmful but helpful. Although I do wish I could’ve organized my sources better for people to understand them more properly overall, I feel like my sources are strong enough to help other people make a decision.